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Super Vacs Vacuums

Urinal Screen with Long Pins - Blue Mint Scent - Wiese ETAAS136

The Anti-Splash urinal screens from Johnny Vac are made with a dominant fragment to scent continuously, and with an innovative micro-tube patented technology. Produce with an innovative design, which prevents the passage of cigarette butts and avoids splashing. 100 % Recyclable.


  • Urinal Anti-Splash urinal screen Blue Minth
  • New Micro-Tube technology releasing a much stronger fragrance
  • Continuous Odor control with enzymes preventing malodors
  • Avoids annoying splashing inside and outside the urinal
  • Unique Draining system in every microtube while leaving the screen residue-free
  • VOC Compliant in North America
  • Prevents passage of debris such as cigarette butts, or chewing gum, etc

Its use

  • Any types of urinals

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