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Carpet Pro

Upright Commercial - Carpet Pro CPU-2T

The commercial upright Carpet Pro CPU-2T is lightweight, powerful and includes many convenient features. The motor on the Carpet Pro CPU-2T is By-Pass which means all of the dirt goes directly into the bag and NOT through the motor. This means you can pick up a nickel or screw and not worry about braking a set of fans which is a common problem in many other commercial machines. The exhaust filter helps clean the air that is expelled from the machine.

  • Lightweight for easy Commercial use
  • 40-Foot Cord 
  • Metal Brushroll Sealed Off With Rubber Endcaps
  • Integrated Tool Storage
  • On-Board Stretchy Hose
  • Metal Handle and Cord Hook
  • Included Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush and Wands
  • Rubber Grip Handle Prevents Slippage

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