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Johnny Vac

Johnny Vac JVC65 26" Cylindrical Auto-Scrubber w/traction


  • Key-type switch
  • Width of work: 26"
  • Button-pressure fot the brush
  • Squeegee Width of 40"
  • Squeegee blades in V shape: no stains or waste water residues
  • Battery meter: timing function for operation easy for man-hour calculation
  • Special air ducts for motor air intake and exhaust: have cold and hot air unmixed guaranteeing service life of the motor
  • Brush system with pressure to crunch the dirt !
  • Voltage / Propelling system: 24 V DC 400 W
  • Batteries(gel) and charger included

This is a very special scrubber sweeper. This machine is set to wash and sweeping in one. Machine brush system can take wood chips, screws, light metal debris, scraps of paper and other solid waste collected into the solid waste box, to avoid garbage blocking the water absorption system; while thoroughly clean the ground. This machine is perfect for large distribution centers, logistics, and distribution warehouses and many other places. Industrial and mining enterprises, car parks, maintenance factories, airport hangar and other heavy dirt ground; Stadium, cleaning rubber runway; Property cleaning, schools, factories, commercial areas and other rough ground sweeping work; Municipal units used to wash the sweep of the square, parks and pedestrian streets of the rough road.

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