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Johnny Vac

Johnny Vac JCV110 34" Ride-On Auto-Scrubber


  • Key-type switch
  • V-shape squeegee assembly: no stains or waste water residues
  • Rider sit and drive like in a car
  • Solution and recovery tank
  • Dashboard easy and simple to use
  • Brush system adopts automatic assembly and disassembly design without any tools
  • Voltage / Propelling system: 24 DC / 400 W
  • 4 Batteries and charger included

The Johnny Vac Auto Rider Floor Scrubber with Battery and Charger is a world-leading high-quality rider scrubber with extreme high cleaning efficiency. Suitable for areas of 2415.5 m2 to 6038.7 m2 (26 000 ft2 to 65 000 ft2) Low noise design especially ideal for sensitive venues such as hospitals schools and other low noise areas. Smooth operation and reliability are assured.

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