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SEBO Essential G4 Commercial Upright Vacuum

SEBO Essential G4 with a 12″ power head. Made in Germany. Complimentary 10-Year warranty.

SEBO Essential G4 upright vacuum with a 12″ power head and manual height adjustment. Includes a crevice tool (1092GS), dusting brush (1387GS), and an upholstery nozzle (1491GS). It comes equipped with a set of filters and a single filter bag.

Commercial Grade - Deep Cleaning for Pet and not-Pet Owners
The 12″ Essential G4 is durable, commercial-grade upright vacuum. It features a four-level manual brush height adjustment, durable heavy-duty belts and a scratch and scuff-resistant matte finish. A soft-start feature gradually powers-up the vacuum, prolonging the motor life.  If you have a pet, the Essential G4 easily cleans and removes pet hair.
With easy brush-removal and clog removal doors, you can even do basic maintenance of a G-Series vacuum yourself.

Wand and Suction hose available for Instant-Use
The SEBO Essential G4 is a versatile upright that, thanks to its extension wand, allows you to clean hard-to-reach surfaces like tables and counter tops. Thanks to this nifty feature, this SEBO upright vacuum operates something like a canister. 
The brush obstruction indicator is a very useful feature that helps to prevent damage to the vacuum by automatically shut off in case of a clog to prevent internal damage. The SEBO Essential G4 is all about being as user-friendly as possible and thanks to the easy change brushroll feature, maintenance has never been more simple.

Powerful, German-Engineered & Durable Upright Vacuum Cleaner


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