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History of Super Vacs

Established in 1978, Super Vacs was founded on the principles of good, quality vacuums from honest, reliable people. Founder David Whitham, who was known to his customers as "Super Dave," always went above and beyond to provide excellent service to all of Super Vacs' customers.  His motto, "Don't pitch it, fix it!" continues to drive his son and now owner, Tyler David Whitham, towards helping his customers out regardless of their budget.

Today Super Vacs is serving customers all across Canada. Offering the fastest shipping on Vacuums from coast to coast, and providing the attention, and service that every customer deserves.

But don't take our word for it, here is what some of our customers have had to say: 

"Had a great experience at Super Vacs in Ottawa! The service staff were extremely helpful and polite. My vacuum was fixed as promised (on time and at the cost quoted) and they also tightened some loose screws that would've eventually led me back to them to have fixed. Hope my vacuum doesn't break again but if it does I'll be sure to go back to Super Vacs."
-Ed MacDonald

"Nothing, but good things to say about my experience with SuperVacs. Since I live out in BC I decided to give them a call as I was in the market for a Miele vacuum. When I started speaking with a sales rep I was genuinely impressed by how personable, yet professional they were. I didn't feel as if I was getting pressured into a purchase, being upsold on more than I wanted or needed, or even rushed during the call when I had a ton of questions. It was just a good honest conversation. In due time, I made my purchase through them and I'd without a doubt say they not only exceeded my expectations, but also bent over backwards to make me feel valued as a customer. Great company from what I would call humble beginnings and the kind of guys you want to support with your business."
-Richard Teotico

"A1 service. Was able to help me with all aspects of my concerns, extremely helpful, knowledgeable and above and beyond customer service. Rented the carpet shampoo machine, worked amazing. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I recommend this place to all my friends."
-Matt Higgs

The Story of Zimba

Zimba was the unofficial Mascot for Super Vacs.  A cougar that founder David Whitham would often bring in store.  Below is an account from Tyler regarding Zimba. 

..."I guess the best example of the kind of guy my dad was, is how he used to bring Zimba, our pet cougar, to the store. My mother had heard about an electrician who had this cat for a few months, but then wanted to get rid of it. She said we would take it, claws and teeth and all.  

My Dad had built a large pen for Zimba on our property in North Gower, but he used to bring him to the store most days. Zimba would jump up to a shelf close to the ceiling in the store and rest there. Many customers came in not knowing the cat was there until they spooted a couple of paws hanging over the shelf. 

Zimba never attacekd anyone, but once got out of the pen at home and went next door to the neighbours. The neighbours at home at the time, a young mother and her baby, weren't too happy to see Zimba in their garage. I think that is what spurred Rideau Township to put in the exotic pet bylaw.

Then after about four years, when Zimba was maturing my father asked a biologist friend to take a look at him and give an assessment of how probable it was that Zimba could survive int he wild. The only issue being his comfort level around humans. That he would be better off being away from any people. 

So my father rented a plane and took Zimba way up north to a remote area and camped with him. Every day he would let Zimba run loose. Zimba came back at night for the first two days, but then didn't come back on the third and so my father came home."

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