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Johnny Vac

Johnny Vac JVC50 20" Auto-Scrubber


  • Starting up with key
  • Batteries Indicator
  • Indicator of the Time of Use
  • Brush size: 20"
  • Productivity: 20 990 pi2 /h Or : 1 950 m2/h
  • Brush Activeted by Lever
  • Squeegee Activeted by Lever
  • Completely Covered brush
  • Polyethylene Made
  • 2 Year Warranty

This machine is an automatic floor scrubber dryer for washing and drying flat, horizontal, smooth floor. Working with battery to meet running time and using environmental requirements. The scrubber dryer can spread solution water and detergent in the correct direction on the floor and then scrub and remove the dirt.

With correct detergent and brushes, this machine can be adapted to a wide range of floors and dirt. The squeegee collects the dirty water into the recovery tank. Using the negative pressure, a suction system installed inside the recovery tank dries the floor after washing. 


Technical Data

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