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SEBO ET-1 Powerhead (3 Colors) - Standard 12″

NEW! Peace of mind manufacturer warranty 10 Years for free, when you purchase this unit from Super Vacs!



  • Weight:  2.49 kg
  • Brush Motor:  175 watts
  • Power Head Width: 12 Inch
  • Height Adjustment: Manual 4 Levels
  • Suction Motor Protection: Electronic cut-out
  • Brush Wear Compensation: Manual
  • Brush Speed: 2700 RPM
  • Features: Manual and Automatic Brush Shut-Off, Swivel Neck
  • Warranty: 10 Years

By adding our telescopic wand, you can connect ET power heads to most central vacuum handle and hose units. Need a wand? We recommend pairing this power head with the Premium Integrated Cord Management Telescopic Wand SKU: 5370SEBOSV


ET power heads are recognized worldwide as the most durable, reliable and best designed on the market. They’re virtually maintenance free, and offer amazing 180° steering. They also have light indicators to warn you about obstructions, or if the brush is too high or too worn for optimal cleaning. 

You’ll easily clean up carpets of varying heights, hard floors, pet hair-covered surfaces, delicate rugs, upholstery and underneath counters!

World-renowned power heads for any surface! ET Power Heads are the world’s leading design, famous for being durable and reliable. They last so long, they’re considered virtually maintenance-free. Combined with our central vacuum wands, the power heads can be attached to almost any central vacuum system. Multisurface magic! Whether you’re vacuuming a shiny hard floor or a plush carpet, ET Power Heads have four brush heights to ensure an incredible performance every time. ET Power Heads pride themselves on getting rid of every last pet hair or speck of dust. The brush roller is easy to remove, so you can make sure it doesn’t end up clogged with hair or debris over time. Commercial-grade performance! You’re guaranteed a seamless performance that will give your floors a commercial-grade clean every single time. Incredibly mobile! Built to move with amazing 180-degree steerability, the head is also designed with an L-shaped contour to make cleaning around corners that much easier. As you move from carpets or hard floors to delicate rugs, you can switch the brush roller off to protect your surfaces. Compatible with most central vacuum systems! Our special telescopic wands ensure that our ET power heads will easily connect to most central vacuums.


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