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SEBO Automatic X8 Blue - Commercial Upright Vacuum - 15″Power Head

SEBO Automatic X8 Blue with a 15″power head. Made in Germany. Complimentary 10-Year warranty.

SEBO AUTOMATIC X8 Blue upright vacuum comes with a 15″power head. It includes a crevice tool (1092GS), a dusting brush (1387GS), and an upholstery nozzle (1491GS), and it comes equipped with a set of filters and a single filter bag.

For Carpets and Hard Floors
The AUTOMATIC X8 Blue has a 15-inch power head (with integrated headlamp) that has an automatic height adjustment controller that measures the resistance of the spinning brush roller against the floor surface to signal up or down adjustments. This intelligent design ensures optimal performance on both carpets and hard floors. The user is also alerted to clogs, a worn brush, or a full bag, and the vacuum automatically shuts off when brush obstructions occur to protect the motor and belts from damage.

Boost Mode for a Deeper Clean
This cleaning mode delivers more power and efficiency, so you can get your carpets and floors looking clean and new in no time. Plus, it’s easy to activate – just press the button by hand and watch as the green indicator illuminates. When you’re done, simply press it again to deactivate. With a low, 6-inch profile, the SEBO can easily slide under tables and other obstacles. The SEBO has rubber-protected wheels designed to roll easily across multiple surfaces so transporting the machine is never a hassle. The attached carrying handle makes moving the SEBO easy even when it is not in operation. This powerful machine comes with an easy-to-remove brush so you can quickly and easily replace or clean it – no screwdriver or tools needed.

Powerful, German-Engineered & Durable Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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