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SEBO Turn & Clean Parquet Brush

Dark Grey, 13″ Width

Need a wand for use with a central vacuum? We recommend pairing this floor tool with the Aluminum Air-Only Telescopic Wand (SKU: 5371-SEBO).

The SEBO Turn and Clean Parquet Brush features a patented universal joint with a 180° swivel and 90° pivot movement. This allows the neck on this floor tool to twist and turn, helping you reach all kinds of hard-to-clean areas. It also has a low-profile, so it fits easily under furniture.

Made with natural bristles, the SEBO Turn and Clean Parquet Brush is safe on all hard floor surfaces, even the most delicate wood, stone and ceramic. With a 13-inch working width, it is our widest floor brush making it ideal for cleaning larger surface areas.

Since it has a button-release neck, the SEBO Turn and Clean Parquet Brush is designed for use with all SEBO canister vacuums. Alternatively, it can also be combined with SEBO wands for use with central vacuums. Lastly, it can be attached to the base of the SEBO Felix and Dart vacuums. However, these upright models may limit the range of movement this parquet brush can achieve.

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