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SEBO Premium Central Vacuum Kit with Black ET-1 12″ Power Head (30Ft-35Ft)

SEBO Premium Central Vacuum Kit with Black ET-1 Power Head. Made in Germany. Complimentary 10-Year warranty.

SEBO Premium Central Vacuum Kit comes with a 12″ Black ET-1 power head, a 30’-35' Cyclo Vac Hose (4922-138T), a SEBO premium parquet floor tool (7200GS)a 1 1/4” aluminum wand (5371-SEBO) and a cord management stainless steel integrated wand (5370-SEBO). It comes equipped with a Crevice Tool, an Upholstery Nozzle, a Dusting Brush, an attachment holder, and a wall mounting hose hanger.

Deep Carpet Cleaning for Pet and not-Pet Owners
The ET-1 powerhead efficiently cleans both carpets and hard floors. With a four-level adjustable brush height adjustment, it is 12-inches broad. Additionally, the brush roller may be manually turned off to use straight suction to clean fragile rugs and hard floors.  It has four levels of manual brush height adjustment and removes pet hair with ease. Amazing maneuverability is provided by its 180° steering capability. It incorporates a convenient clog removal door, a red brush roller obstruction warning light, and a red warning light with automatic shutoff. With its 4 height settings, this powerhead enables you to clean any kind of carpet you can think of.

High quality Made-In-Canada Hose, Crush-proof and Kink-proof
Cyclovac electric hose 30’ or 35’ silver (110/24 V) with white gas-pump style handle and hybrid wall port connection (direct connect or pigtail power cord) are included in all SEBO Canada central vacuum kits. Compatible with all 1 1/4″ diameter wands and central vacuum systems. Convert the hose connectivity from a pigtail cord connection to a direct connect prong connection in just a few easy steps. (Instructions are included in the box.)

Fits any Standard 1.5 inch Wall Inlet Valve with 2 low-voltage pins (prongs) inside.
Add 12 Extra Feet to your hose with Universal Vacuum Hose Extension CLICK HERE
Compatible with most central vacuum brands like CanaVac, Cyclovac, Beam, Electrolux, Nutone, Broan, Allegro, Ovo, Honeywell, Husky, Kenmore, Nilfisk, Eureka, Vacuflo and more!

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Powerful, German-Engineered & Durable Central Vacuum Kits

If you’re looking to upgrade your central vacuum system with a SEBO, look no further. All of our kits include a wide range of tools that ensure the most powerful clean possible. German engineered, reliable, and durable, these kits are guaranteed to provide years of top-quality service.

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