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SEBO FRESH Orange Blossom (Pack of 8)

SEBO FRESH Orange Blossom fragrance capsules are placed in your vacuum cleaner’s bag compartment or bag to emit a clean and fresh aroma as you vacuum.

SEBO FRESH Orange Blossom‘s fragrance emits notes of sweet mandarins combined with juicy oranges and soft jasmine with a subtle hint of honey.

For best results, place the SEBO FRESH capsules directly into the bag compartment (not the bag itself). Please wait at least 24 hours for the capsule to emit a clean and fresh aroma as you vacuum.

The new scent capsules are made using an environmentally friendly ceramic material that results in a longer-lasting scent. Once finished and disposed of it will break down into harmless dust. Great for your home and the environment!

Please note – SEBO FRESH fragrance capsules cannot be used in conjunction with an activated charcoal odour filter.

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