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SEBO Felix Premium Indigo Upright Vacuum

SEBO Felix Premium Indigo is a upright vacuum cleaner with a blue flowers exhaust microfilter wrap. Made in Germany. Complimentary 10-Year warranty.

All Felix Premium vacuum cleaners come with an ET-1 Power Head, a Premium Parquet Floor Brush (7200GS), a Crevice Tool (1092GS), an Upholstery Nozzle (1491GS), and comes equipped with a set of filters and a single filter bag.

Deep Carpet Cleaning for Pet and not-Pet Owners
The ET1 Powerhead efficiently cleans both carpets and hard floors. With a four-level adjustable brush height adjustment, it is 12-inches broad. Additionally, the brush roller may be manually turned off to use straight suction to clean fragile rugs and hard floors.  It has four levels of manual brush height adjustment and removes pet hair with ease. Amazing maneuverability is provided by its 180° steering capability. It incorporates a convenient clog removal door, a red brush roller obstruction warning light, and a red warning light with automatic shutoff. With its 4 height settings, this powerhead enables you to clean any kind of carpet you can think of.

Premium Parquet  brush for Wood, Tile, Laminated Flooring
The Premium Parquet Floor Brush is suitable for wood, tile, laminated floor, and more! The tilt-and-turn ‘flex’ neck design provides superb maneuverability. Its natural bristles and soft wheels make it ideal for any type of hard floor, delicate or otherwise. One straight and one crescent-shaped brush strip guide the suction current. The floating spring-mounted brush strips are also effective for uneven flooring.
Designed to be versatile, the brush strips can be easily removed to accommodate different cleaning needs. For example, many customers with shedding pets prefer to remove the front brush strip. This prevents pet hair from getting caught in the bristles.

Powerful, German-Engineered & Durable Upright Vacuum Cleaner


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