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Super Vacs Vacuums

SEBO FELIX DART Upright Vacuum

If you love the Felix Series but you want a simplified and more cost-effective option, then the Felix Dart is the right choice for you! The stylish SEBO FELIX DART upright vacuum offers all the flexibility of a canister vacuum in an upright configuration. It differs from the Felix Premium Series only slightly – it does not have a 180° swivel neck or variable suction, and it does not come with a separate hard floor attachment tool. However, It still comes with our complimentary 10-Year warranty and FREE shipping to your door!

It has a convenient instant-use suction hose, an ultra-modern hospital-grade filtration system, and a detachable suction unit that becomes a hand-held vacuum. It includes the 12-inch-wide ET-1 powerhead with a four-level manual height adjustment, that cleans both carpets and hard floors and easily removes pet hair. In addition, its spinning brush roller can be shut off to clean delicate rugs and hard floors with straight suction.

SEBO FELIX DART Upright Vacuum in white with a marine blue exhaust microfilter wrap (7095ER08).

The SEBO FELIX DART includes a 12” Power Head, a Crevice Tool (1092GS), an Upholstery Nozzle (1491GS), and comes equipped with a set of filters and a single filter bag. It does not include a hard-floor attachment.

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