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Super Vacs Vacuums

SEBO E3 vacuum bags + filters service box 8334AM

SEBO E-Series Service Box is a cost-effective way to buy bags and filters as it includes 8 AeraPure™ filter bags, a pre-motor filter, and an exhaust microfilter.

E-Series bags and filters are designed by SEBO to give optimum performance and filtration with SEBO vacuum cleaners. Offering fade-free performance and highly effective micro-filtration, SEBO AeraPure™ filter bags are made using the most modern materials and construction methods. The virtually tear-proof fleece material uses electrostatically charged microfibres to filter dust particles from the air stream without clogging. Sealing caps ensure that dust and dirt are locked in the bag for hygienic disposal, making SEBO AeraPure™ filter bags ideal for allergy sufferers.

SEBO recommends replacing the pre-motor filter and exhaust microfilter after every 16 vacuum bag replacements to prolong the life of the machine and ensure optimum performance.

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