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Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless Canister

The New Bagless Boost CX1 - Quality ahead of its time!

  • Strong performance - Vortex Technology

Whether hardfloor, laminate or carpet – the Boost CX1 is a high performer on any floor. Powerful cleaning performance: an airflow exceeding 100 km/h ensures perfect capture of both coarse debris and fine dust. The Boost CX1 achieves an extremely high air throughput thanks to an efficient floorhead, optimum airways, and an innovative 1,200W motor.

  • Space saver - Compact design

With the Boost CX1, the smallest bagless vacuum cleaner from Miele, you benefit from the highest cleaning performance and a compact design. It is easy to manoeuvre even in small living spaces.

  • Always on track - Track Drive

The innovative wheels on both sides of the vacuum cleaner keep the vacuum on track while ensuring every corner of your home is cleaned thoroughly. The Boost CX1 is extremely agile and lightweight at only 12.9lbs.

  • Superior hygiene - Multi-stage filtration system

The excellent filtration performance of the Boost CX1 is the result of a multi-stage filtration system. For filtering extremely fine particles, the Boost CX1 is equipped, depending on the model, with either a Hygiene AirClean filter or a HEPA AirClean filter. The HEPA AirClean filter has a dust retention capacity of more than 99.999%* and is ideal for those with allergies to dust. *In accordance with IEC 62885-4

  • Easy to empty - Bagless

The dust container can be removed simply by lifting it out by its handle. With one click of the ‘Empty’ button, the container opens and all dirt and dust is easily disposed of.

Accessories included: Turbobrush STB 305-3 - SBD 365-3 Floorhead - Dusting brush with synthetic bristles - Crevice nozzle -Upholstery nozzle - Comfort Telescopic Wand - Hose

Product details: Weight in kg 7.75 - Operating radius in ft. 33 - Cable length in ft. 21 - Exhaust filter HEPA AirClean - Max. power 1,200 W 



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