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SEBO Hand-Held Turbo Brush for Carpeted Stairs and Upholstery

Genuine part number# SEB-6179ER

6.5″ Width

For Stairs and Upholstery. Compatible with all SEBO vacuums.

The SEBO Hand-Held Turbo Brush may look like a small floor brush, but it is actually designed for cleaning upholstery, furniture, mattresses, and stairs – especially the front-side of stairs, which can be awkward to vacuum. Its swivel neck design makes it super easy to clean tight spaces because of the way it can rotate around.

The brush roller spins at a high speed due to air being drawn in. This makes it a powerful and effective tool for removing stubborn lint and pet hair. It pops open for easy access to remove any clogs – perfectly designed for pet owners with excessive shedders.

It has a friction-fit neck which means it can attach to a wand or straight to the hose handle for a more controlled, hand-held clean!

The SEBO Hand-Held Turbo Brush is included with the SEBO X7 Premium Pet upright vacuum. It is compatible with all SEBO vacuums.

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