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Exclusive Beam Alliance 700TC with Alliance Premium Floor Kit


  • AirWatts:  700 AW
  • Motor Type:  Thru-Flow
  • Sound Level:  80 dBA
  • Filtration Bag Type:  Paper (Optional Synthetic)
  • Filtration Type:  Hybrid
  • Permanent Filter Type:  Self-Cleaning Gore
  • Technology:  LCD Screen
  • Warranty:  15 years
  • Water Lift:  122"


  • Crushproof, Alliance air hose with 2-way communication and variable speed
  • Secure Seal telescopic wand
  • 13″ hard surface floor brush
  • 3-in-1 tool for dusting, cleaning corners and upholstery
  • Wand tool holder
  • Round tool adapter
  • hose hanger
  • 5 year warranty on hose and accessory package

The Advanced SMART SCREEN (Model 700TC) displays system performance, motor speed, empty bin notification, communication link icon, clock with system codes, LED screen & light ring with motion sensor and intuitive navigation buttons. 700 Airwatts / HE Flow-thru Motor / 15 Litre dirt container capacity! 

Advanced Fingertip Controls electronically adjust the suction power and turns the entire system on/off with the push of a button. The exclusive double-D Nozzle and fully sealed AeroPro Hose & Wand provide quieter operation and superior suction.

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