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Electrolux, Eureka OX/S Oxygen HEPA Vacuum Bags (5 pack)

Replacement Electrolux/Eureka Style OX/S HEPA-type vacuum bags. Fits a number of Electrolux models including Oxygen, UltraOne, and more.

EL201 Electrolux OEM s-bagSynthetic

ELECTROLUX EL4012, EL4015, EL4040, EL4100, EL4200, EL6980, EL7000, EL7020, EL7050, EL7060, EL7070, EL7080 Series

Canisters EUREKA CV140 Series Central Vacuums & 6500, 6510, 6990 Series

Canisters SANITAIRE PE6985, SP6950 Series 

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