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DuoVac Husky FI-196 Central Vacuum Bags

DuoVac Husky FI-196 Central Vacuum Bags

Replacement Bags ForDuo Vac high efficiency central vacuum system disposable cloth bags FILTRE-196 Package of 3 cloth bags FILTRE-196 Compatible with DuoVac Sensa, DuoVac Symphonia, DuoVac Signature, DuoVac Star, Duovac Design 750AW, Duovac Premium Enforcer, DuoVac Air 50 and Distinction 200 models, Duovac Design 655AW, Duovac Premium Colossus, Duovac Premium Torpedo, Duovac Select Plus, Duovac Solution, Duovac Asteria Replaces Nuera Air filter bag part number FILTRE-196 Husky Storm, Husky Pro 200

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