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Cyclovac H215 Canister Central Vacuum with Premium Hardfloor Accessory Kit (30Ft,35Ft,40Ft Hose)

Central vacuum H215 - Hybrid, including attachment kit 24V with Super Luxe brush 12" (30.5 cm) and Hose Cover BONUS . Complimentary 25-Year warranty. 

This very quiet model is the most economical of the high-performance central vacuum category, making it the most popular model. It is the ultimate model for the retractable hose system for cleaning areas up to 3500 sq.f.

The attachment kit includesHose 24V Cyclo Vac, Telescopic wand - stainless steel - 25" to 41", Soft bristle floor brush De Luxe - 10" (25 cm), Oval dusting brush - 3 1/2" (9 cm), Upholstery tool - 5 1/2" (14 cm), Super Luxe crevice tool - 11 1/2" (29 cm), Telescopic wand - stainless steel - 25" to 41" (64-104 cm), Hanging storage with pockets for attachments - Cyclo Vac and Hose hanger with wand holder.

Powerful Cleaning for Hard Floors
The Cyclovac Premium Kit is lightweight, affordable, and doesn’t require electricity. It gets the job done through an air-driven floor brush and is best suited for simple floor surfaces tile, laminate & hardwood. This central vacuum is amongst the most silent vacuums on the market, so you can clean at any time, without disturbing the entire household. Due to its outstanding general performance, this model is as convenient for condos as for average-sized homes.

A Healthy and Hygienic Choice
No matter the type of filtration you choose, you will benefit from improved ambient air quality and a healthier environment. Indeed, the hybrid and bag models are equipped with a HEPA type filter that captures 99.5% of particles at 0.3 µm, so you can breathe easier. As for units units with filters, they are equipped with a CyclofiltreTM that has been provided with an antimicrobial treatment, so as to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi that may be associated with allergies.


Metal Construction - 11.9 inch Diameter / 600 Airwatts / 140.9 inch Water lift / Up to 3500 Square Foot Rating / High Efficiency HEPA Filter / 13.8 MAX amps / Easy access to the bag from the bottom / Antimicrobial treatment / Bag capacity 20 L / 25 Year Warranty for motors and electrical components / Canister capacity 17.4 L - Weight 28.2 lb


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