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Cyclo UV Air purifier: UVC+ Air X6

UV air purifier for HRV/ERV systems.

For air exchangers

With each cycle of air, the UVC+AIR X6 unit eliminates bacteria, viruses, and molds that contaminate the home. This unit is designed to adapt to the air exchanger and reduce indoor pollutants and odours.

An affordable solution for people who don’t have a central ventilation system.


  • High intensity lamp that emits UVC and UVV rays.
  • 25-watt UVC/UVV lamp.
  • 110V grounded power cord, 12-inch aluminum tube.
  • Access panel with four latches and external LED for lamp and ballast.
  • UV lamp has a lifespan of 26,304 hours (approximately 3 years).
  • 3 year warranty.

Easy to install

In a straight duct, the unit must be laterally offset (see illustration):

  • Galvanized rigid pipe: use four alternating 45-degree elbows to prevent UV radiation from reflecting directly into the core of the HRV/ERV unit.
  • Flexible aluminum pipe: make sure that the configuration is similar to the one shown in the illustration.   see illustration



  • Protects against airborne germs.
  • Destroys chemical VOCs.
  • Destroys 99% of pollutants in the home.
  • Reduces household odours
  • Helps prevent allergies
  • Relieves asthma symptoms
  • Improves sleep
  • Easy to install and clean

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