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SEBO Combination Floor Tool (Kombi)

Genuine part number# SEB-1397GS

Dark Grey, 11″ Width

Do you want to use this floor tool with a central vacuum? We recommend pairing this floor tool with the Aluminum Air-Only Telescopic Wand (SKU: 5371-SEBO).

This optional cleaning head features a toggle button that raises and lowers a bristle skirt, making it useful for both carpet and hard floor cleaning. The lowered bristles are designed for hard floor cleaning. They draw dust and debris into the suction channel by gently sweeping the floor. The bristle skirt can be raised to allow the head to glide over carpet. This floor tool also features a stainless-steel base plate and two small lint removers to pick up stray thread and fluff.

With its button-release neck, the SEBO Combination Floor Tool is compatible with all SEBO canister vacuums. It can also be used with the SEBO Felix and Dart upright vacuums, and can be combined with SEBO wands for use with central vacuums.

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