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CanaVac ACAN790 with 2 X HideAHose Kits Includes Install Kit and Attachments

CanaVac Signature ACAN790 Central Vacuum Cleaner with 2 X HideAHose Kits Including Install Kit and Attachments. Complimentary 10-Year warranty. 

The ACAN790 Canister Signature Series line-up continues the legacy on which Cana-Vac was built using only the best, heavy duty, long lasting Tangential bypass motors. Ideal formedium to large size homes up to 10,000sq.ft of cover where families, pets, and active daily activities will push a central vacuum system day in and day out.

The package includes: 2X Hide-A-Hose Kits + 1 X Air Turbo for Carpets 
Hose 50' (15 m) Hide-A-Hose, Valve Inlet Kit, White Valve Trim Kit, 4 Elbows 90°, 1 - 45° Elbow, 7 Stop Coupling for Pipe 2'', 5 - 2" Pipe Strap, 50' Electric Wire - 24V, 60 ml PVC Solvent Glue, Handle with Union and Button Lock Hide-A-Hose, 12" (30.5 cm) Floor Brush , Dusting and Upholstery Brushes, Crevice Tool, Tool Hanger , Telescopic Wand - Grey.

High-Efficiency Self Cleaning Filtration
Built in Hepa Filtration make this machine ideal in homes where there are allergens or sensitivities to dust present and captures up to 99.97% of allergens. Cooling Intake Muffler circulates fresh air during operation, allowing the motor to stay cool for a longer life and quiet operation.

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Model: 790

Perfect system for large sized homes. It has been designed for performance and reliability. It's an hybrid model that can be used with or without bag, at any time. Self-cleaning HEPA membrane filter which captures microscopic particles.

Recommendations :

  • Type of residence : Large houses
  • Approximative area* : 929 m2 (10 000 ft2)


  • Airwatts659
  • Decibels65
  • Air flow135.8 CFM | 230.7 CMH
  • Water lift144.9 in | 3680 mm
  • MAX amps14.1
  • Voltage120
  • Stage
  • bypass motor

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