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Sweep Inlet Valve for Central Vacuum (Crumbs Collector)

The Sweep Inlet Valve (Crumbs Collector) from CanSweep is the ultimate tool for the comfort and the full enjoyment of a well-maintained kitchen. Indeed, this tool allows you to cook without being afraid of the presence of debris, cause in a blink of an eye, the crumbs collector will pick up everything! The inlet is easy to open and will not cause any loss of suction.


  • Modern Design
  • Wide Opening for Maximum of Suction
  • Fits on an Existing Central Vacuum System
  • No Suction Loss
  • Easy Open and Close
  • Easy Installation
  • An Optional Trim Plate is Available for a Perfect Installation

Its Use

  • House, Condo, Appartement

Made For

  • All Types of Central Vacuum System

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