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Hands on - 5 Reasons to Look at the New Miele C3 Limited Edition

December 12, 2022 3 min read

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For this segment of Hands On, we're Looking at the new Miele C3 Complete Limited Edition Vacuum - You'll find 5 reasons why we think that the Miele C3 Complete a great addition to most homes. Just below you'll find a photo the C3 Limited Edition Laid Out with all of it's tools and accessories.

1. It Has Excellent Performance

The Entire Miele S8 or C3 lineup is equipped with a Powerful 1200W Vacuum Motor. This means you'll always have more than enough suction... and sometimes, even too much!  But there is no need to worry, as the Vacuums are equipped with 6 Preset Power options. Ranging from Delicates (Blinds and Drapes), Upholstery, Small Rugs, Quiet Mode, Large Rugs, and finally Wall-to-Wall Surfaces. 


2. It's Light, and Easy to Use

Despite it's larger body (which supports a larger bag size, and on-board tools), the Vacuum itself still only weighs 13lbs.  It's very light for carrying, has a soft rubber bumper, and with the three bottom castor wheels it moves smoothly across any surface type.  Everything about it has been designed for easy operation, from the hose (which swivels to prevent kinking, bunching, and bending), to the Comfort Reel which retracts with one touch. Because of the lighter weight, the vacuum moves smoothly around corners, between different rooms, and even across and over different floor types. This will make you rethink Vacuuming as a chore. 

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3. Miele's High Quality Standards

Maybe you've had the bad experience of buying a Box Store Vacuum. You weren't sure which vacuum was good for what, nobody was around to help you, or the person there simply wasn't equipped with the experience to handle your questions. It happens to everybody. We see Vacuums of all kinds deteriorate and fail quicker than ever - the exception being Miele. I've mentioned it in previous posts but Miele Vacuums are the least repaired, less failing Vacuums of all the Vacuums we service in Store here. They are built extremely well, and to the highest standards. Durable and reliable, they are one of the few portable Vacuums designed to last 20 Years.

4. You'll Notice an Improvement in Your Air Quality

Miele has put a lot of emphasis on Air Quality and Filtration. It's no secret, that any Vacuum will exhaust dust back into the room - and different Vacuums offer different levels of filtration to combat this. Some Vacuums come equipped with excellent filters, but are not HEPA sealed, that means that Dust and Dirt can escape the Vacuum before it even reaches the filter!  What's the point of an expensive filter, if your dust makes it out before it can do it's job. The C3 Lineup is completely HEPA sealed, in addition the Bags are extremely thick (9ply special fleece material), and they even have a self-sealing flap which traps the dust and dirt in the bag for hygienic changing. 

5. The Limited Edition is Excellent Value

The Main Accessories which are included are the Parquet Twister for for Hardwood Floors, and the Universal Floor Brush. 

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These are only available for a Limited Time, so if you have any questions reach out to us! We are available during business hours at 1-855-787-7822, via email info@supervacs.ca, or use the link in the bottom right corner to either chat with one of our in-store staff online, or send us a message!

Happy Vacuuming,


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