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Miele Vacuums - The Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner

December 12, 2022 2 min read

People often visit us in store and ask "What is the best Vacuum Cleaner?" - For consumers looking for a Portable Vacuum, our answer is always Miele. While there are many other good brands, Miele stands out for reliability, durability, air quality, manoeuvrability, and ease of use.  

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As a repair centre for every major brand, we are positioned to see the common failures, or weaknesses of every vacuum. In fact, of the nearly 2300 vacuums we've serviced in the last year, only 47 were Miele. These numbers also include Vacuums which were brought in for general servicing, however we estimate that less than 1% of the vacuums that required repairs were Miele. Talk about reliable!

One of my favourite things about Miele (who am I kidding, I love everything about them!) is the bag and filtration set-up. The disposable bags are made of a special fleece material which offer 9 layers of filtration, this lets virtually no dust escape. It's incredible to see how little dust ends up in the bag cavity even after years of use.  My old vacuum cleaner had a visible collection of dust build up under the bag... if this is the case with your current vacuum, imagine how much is actually going back into your air! It's pretty awful to think about... These special bags are also equipped with a self-sealing shutter which prevents additional dust from escaping the bag during removal and changing.  


If you've ever found your old Vacuum to be clunky, awkward, heavy, or even just annoying, you're not alone. Using your vacuum shouldn't be chore. Miele vacuums move, and manoeuvre easily because of it's caster wheels. They are one of the lightest Vacuums out there (the Miele S6/C2 series comes in at just over 11 lbs!).  In fact, one of my favourite tools for cleaning hard floors is the SBB300-3 Parquet Twister (Pictured Right). The Parquet Twister comes included with the S6 Dimension (C2 Total Care), the S6 Continuum, the S8 Dimension (C3 Cat & Dog), and the S8 Continuum (C3 PowerPlus). This tool has a double articulating neck which pivots up-down, and left-right.  This ensures proper surface contact on floors at all times regardless of your movements, it literally hugs your floors. I've never thought I'd actually enjoy Vacuuming my floors. It's so low to the floor it gets into the tight awkward places - the sound of picking up little bits that have gotten wayward is extremely rewarding. 

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If you still have questions about the Miele Vacuums, or any other Vacuums - Reach out to us! We are available during business hours at 613-820-5226, via email info@supervacs.ca, or use the link in the bottom right corner to either chat with one of our in-store staff online, or send us a message! 

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