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3 Important Questions to ask about Central Vacuums

December 12, 2022 3 min read

Central Vacuum shopping can be confusing.  There are so many brands, and so many different models within each brand that choosing the right Central Vacuum is nearly impossible. We've come up with the 3 Most Important Questions you should ask yourself when shopping for a new Central Vacuum - these will help you narrow down your search and pick the right machine. I'm going to skip all of the confusing marketing terms, and get right into the heart of it.

1) What Does Your Home Need?

This one seems so simple, but people miss it so often.  If your decision to buy a Central Vacuum is based on the fact that you saw one on sale while you were buying Groceries, chances are you won't be getting one that fits your needs. The factors to consider are straight forward - Do you Vacuum Often? Do you have Pets, or Kids? Is there lots of Carpet? Do you own a Large Home? 

Generally speaking, Larger homes, or homes with either kids or pets, need to be Vacuumed more often, for a longer duration - and the Vacuum motor needs to compensate for that. Vacuum Specifications can be deceiving on paper. The image on the left shows you how two VERY different machines can appear so similar in a pamphlet - the image on the right will show you how you should not only rely on the specifications in brochures.

Not all Brochures are created equal

So really, ask yourself - is the Central Vacuum Motor Sufficient for what I need?

Example 1 - Large Homes or Supports longer Hours of Run Time

Example 2 - Smaller Homes or Fewer Hours of Run Time

2) What Do You REALLY Want?

We've covered how brochures can show two very different Vacuum motors as roughly the same - but despite the fact that these motors can perform similarly, you might not care if the Vacuum Motor is intended for 15 or more years of use. In reality, you might only want something that works well for the next 5 years, or even 10.  Consider two different factors, performance and longevity. Some people only want one of the two, or a combination of both - a vacuum with both is considered to be excellent VALUE. 

Example 1 - High Performance

Example 2 - Excellent Longevity

Example 3 - Super Price

Example 4 - Best Value

3) Who Can Help Me If I Have a Problem?

I've dealt with the issue personally and I know it's not a fun process.  You have a problem with something you've purchased.  You call the store, they tell you to call the 1-800 number, you sit on hold, you go through 3 people before FINALLY you're told what to do.  Even once you know the process it's a pain. Nobody wants to go through that, nobody has the time to go through that.  Always consider the possibilities when you purchase something, and since brochures can be so deceiving, you might not have received the best advice. All of us here at Super Vacs are experienced and are happy to help if you have any questions. We can guide you towards a machine that is right for you.

So Reach out to us! We are available during business hours at 1-855-787-7822, via email info@supervacs.ca, or use the link in the bottom right corner to either chat with one of our in-store staff online, or send us a message!

Happy Cleaning,


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