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Canavac Ethos CV700SP with Deluxe Electrical Accessory Kit with PN11 Power Head, Designed for Hardwood Floors & Area Rugs (30Ft, 35Ft Hose)

Suggested replacement GS125

CanaVac Ethos CV700SP Compact Central Vacuum Cleaner with Deluxe PN11 Electrical Accessory Kit Designed for Hardwood Floors & Area Rugs. Complimentary 10-Year warranty for the ultimate peace of mind. 

The Cana-vac™ Ethos series is just what a condo or mid-sized home needs to take care of those weekly cleanups. Reliable 700Aw Flow-Thru motor for homes up to 8,000 sq.f. Micro-Efficiency Filtration for dust and standard pollutants. Quiet Pack Plus features motor insulation along with an insulated lid for additional noise reduction.

This electric attachment kit includes a 30-35 Ft lightweight crush-proof total control hose with pistol grip handle and ON/OFF Switch, Electric Power Nozzle (PN11) with metal agitator, Telescopic Metal Wand with Cord Management, Telescopic Metal Wand with straight air suction, 12 Inch Floor Brush, Hose hanger, Clip-On-Tool Caddy, Upholstery Nozzle, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool.

Excellent Cleaning for Area Rugs and Hard Floors
The economical  Electric Power Nozzle (PN11) is built for households that have mostly hard floors and a few area rugs or low pile carpets. Containing a metal agitator that operates on a geared belt means the maintenance on this unit will be easy for the years to come. This power brush has an on / off switch and will work with hoses where there is or isn't a power switch in the handle. 

Micro-Efficiency Filtration
This “hybrid” model can be used with or without a bag, at any moment, and is equipped with a self-cleaning filter which captures microscopic particles, dust and standard pollutants.  The Flow-Thru motor is designed for weekly use and provides good performance at a more affordable price than premium motors. Known for its reliability in light to medium duty applications, it relies on filtered vacuum air to cool itself during operation.


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Canavac CV700SP Specifications: Metal Construction - 12 Inch Dia / 700 Airwatts / 140" Water Lift / 5.7" 2 Stage Flow-Through Lamb Motor / Up to 8,000 Square Foot Rating / Bag or Bagless Hybrid (1 HEPA Bag Included) / 16 Litre / 4 Gallon Dirt Pail / High Efficiency HEPA Filter Self Cleaning / Automatic Utility Inlet/ Exhaust muffler / Venting Optional / 10 Year Warranty Motor & Electric Components / Canister Size -12" X 29"   Weight - 35 Lbs

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