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Safeblend FS24 EcoLogo Floor Finish - 20L


  • CFIA accepted
  • EcoLogo Certified
  • pH: 8 - 9
  • Covers approx. 10,000 square feet per 20L
  • Ideal for "Green" floor programs. 
  • No Zinc, or Heavy Metals 
  • Low Odours
  • Slip coefficient: > 0.5 (ASTM D 2047)

Safeblend 24 Floor Finish is specially formulated to provide a durable, high-gloss floor finish after every job. It excels in durability and resistance to black heel scuffs, slips and powdering. The natural colours of all floor surfaces are enhanced by Safeblend floor care products. Environmentally preferable, contains no zinc or heavy metals.

How to use:

  1. Blockade area until floor finish is dry as floors will be very slippery during the preparation and application of the finish.
  2. Scrub or strip floor thoroughly.
  3. Pick up stripped finish before it dries using a wet vacuum, a clean mop or auto-scrubber. 
  4. Rinse with liberal amounts of cold clean water until all residues have been eliminated.
  5. Allow floor to dry completely before applying Finish.

Application Tips:

  1. For best results, use a clean floor finish mop and clean bucket and wringer.
  2. Pour floor finish into bucket, saturate mop with finish.
  3. Press mop firmly into wringer to remove excess product but do not wring mop.
  4. Apply floor finish in even coats.
  5. Allow each coat to dry (Drying time is approximately 30 minutes, time may vary depending on temperature, humidity, ventilation and thickness of each coat).
  6. Apply 3 - 4 coats or until desired gloss is achieved.
  7. Never apply more than 4 coats per 24-hour period.

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