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Safeblend Concentrated Odour Counteractant - 4L


  • Concentrated product
  • pH 8
  • Pleasant floral fragrance

Dilution Rates:

Purpose: Rate: Cost in Use
Air Freshener 1:5 $1.08
Damp Mopping 1:32 $0.20

Safeblend Concentrated Odour Counteractant quickly and effectively eliminates odours at the source. It neutralises malodours in the air and fabrics leaving a fresh, clean scent. It’s concentrated formulation is excellent for use in garbage areas, dumpsters and washrooms.

To use as an air freshener: Remove the source of the odour when possible and spray directly onto surfaces or preferably directly onto the source of the odour to eliminate malodours.  Spray directly into the air or on fabrics.

For floors: Add directly to mop bucket or carpet cleaning solution Ideal for use in washrooms, garbage areas, carpet deodorizing, automotive, hotels, food-service and areas where malodours persist.

Note: For carpets, pre-test for colourfastness on an inconspicuous area. In order to conserve energy, please use unheated tap water for all dilutions.

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