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CL1000 Extra Strong Heavy Duty Degreaser - 4L


  • CFIA accepted
  • 13-14 pH 
  • Smell: Solvent-like

Dilution Rates:

Purpose: Rate: Cost in Use
Light Cleaning 1:100 $0.049
Normal Cleaning 1:20 $0.238
Heavy Duty Cleaning 1:10 $0.454
Extra Heavy-Duty 1:5 $0.838

This degreaser and multipurpose cleaner is carefully formulated to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum labour requirements.  Rinsing is easily accomplished and hard water presents no problem.  Solubilizes grease on contact! 

NOTE: Do not use on glass, aluminum, or painted surfaces. All surfaces subject to direct food contact must be rinsed with potable water. 

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