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CanaVac XLS970 with Performance Pack


  • AirWatts: 675AW
  • Suction: 147" Water Lift
  • Motor Size: 8.4" Dia.
  • Filter Type: Maintenance-Free HEPA
  • Bag or Bagless: Hybrid
  • Square Foot: 15,000
  • Warranty: 15 Year Warranty

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    At the Heart of the XLS970 is the Lamb 122223 8.4" Diameter Tangential Bypass motor. This High Performing Motor is rated for long hours of life due to the "infinity brush" technology. Up to 45% overall efficiency, a much cleaner running motor - it has the Lamb "Green Power Label". The Motor uses a high efficiency cooling system to ensure it will always perform at it's best.

    Included as part of the Performance Package is the EBK360 Power Nozzle. This german made power head is one of the sturdiest, most Powerful Power Heads available. With a Cogged-Style belt there is little maintenance to be done on this power head. 5 Levels of adjustable height offer full control and offers usability on all carpet styles. 2 full row of brush ensures complete pick up from Carpets, dust, hairs, material, and all!

    The Package also includes all of the small tools and accessories to be used everywhere else in the home. The included accessories are the Hard Floor Brush with a Soft Synthetic Horse Hair Bristle, the Soft Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool, and long Crevice Tool. All of our Electrical Packages include 2 sets of wands, one for the carpet accessory and one for the suction accessories. This makes swapping quick, and easy.

    Built in Hepa Filtration make this machine ideal in homes where there are allergens or sensitivities to dust present. The HEPA filtration is a maintenance-free filter with a TEFLON coating which prevents dust from clinging onto the filter material. A weighted sandbag sits in the bottom of the filter to shake off any excess dust when the machine is turned off. An Optional Disposable Bag offers an extra layer of protection for those seeking to prevent or minimise the amounts of dust in or around the Vacuum.

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