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CanaVac ES725 with Rug and Floor Pack


  • Suction: 140"
  • Airwatts: 700AW
  • Motor Type: Flow-Through
  • Motor Size: 5.7"
  • Square Foot: 12,000sq.ft
  • Warranty: 7 Years

The Canavac brand has been around since 1970, the machines are produced in their plant in Stratford, Ontario. You won't find these types of products at Costco, or Sears - if you're just starting your search, I recommend you start with the Canavac Central Vacuum Buying Guide - it has lots of useful information on what to look for, to make sure you are buying the right product for your needs. The Cana-Vac ES725 Central Vacuum System uses a powerful 700 Airwatt motor, which means you'll never need more suction.

Included as part of the Rug and Floor Package is an air powered Turbo Nozzle. Turbo Nozzles are not as aggressive as their heavier Power Head equivelents. While they generally are lighter and easier to use, they cannot offer the same deep cleaning on carpets as an electric nozzle. That being said, they do work well on Small low-pile Area Rugs, in homes where there are little to no pet hairs. 

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