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CanaVac ES625 with Essentials Pack


  • 600 Airwatts
  • 137" Water Lift
  • 5.7" Motor Size
  • 6,000 Square Foot Rating
  • Bag or Bagless Hybrid
  • Includes Power Essentials Package

The Ethös series units are designed for smaller to mid-sized homes - the reliable Flow-Thru design motor are ideal to take care of those weekly cleanups. The Canavac ES625 provides up to 6,000sq.ft of coverage, and when buying a Central Vacuum you would want to double your square footage (this is to account for things such as multiple levels, number of bends, length of pipe used, and the number of inlets).

The Power Essentials Package includes all of the tools and accessories you will need to clean any surface type.  The PN33 has different levels of height adjustment for use on different carpet piles, and the smooth floor brush has a delicate bristle for Hard Floors.

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