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Hands On - Dyson V6 Cordless Review

May 22, 2015 2 min read

I never imagined Cordless Vacuums to be very effective - I thought they left a lot to be desired,  they had either weak suction, or poor battery life. I'll admit, convenience is king, but there were still improvements to be made before I'd consider one.  Enter the new Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum.  I have had the chance to play with one here for a while now, and I continue to be impressed. 

Now when I say play with one, I really mean play with one - it's light, easy to use, and I'll say it - enjoyable. The Engineers at Dyson have done a great job at creating a powerful, ergonomic, and lightweight cordless Vacuum.  I've included a few photos below to show how effective the cleaner head is. Since there are lots of Vacuums around, we have no lack of dust available for testing - in this sample, I dumped a bunch of dust onto the rug, but I've found it equally effective on naturally occurring dust bunnies around our store.

You can actually see the roller area getting quite dusty after only a small part of our rug... The carbon fibre brush is so smooth and soft to the touch, it really grabs the fine materials out of the carpet, and really just glides along.  You can't tell just looking at these photos, but this took maybe 10 seconds. 

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I have to give a nod to the folks at Dyson, the little round purple bit at the top is the filter.  Even though I've used this Vacuum a LOT, the filter is still quite clean - a testament to the Root Cyclone Technology you hear about in the commercials. I'd suggest cleaning it once a month or so, but a bit of lukewarm water will do the trick for how little dust reaches it.

Cleaning the head is easy, like all Dysons, it is designed to come apart quickly.  I've included a photo to show how it comes apart (note how much we've gotten on our roller from just a few days of light testing!) - a coin or screw removes the side cap, allowing easy access to the entire brushbar.  Note the 4 rows of brush on the Dyson (2 carbon fibre brushes, and 2 nylon brushes) which provide a great clean every time

Overall, the Dyson V6 Cordless lineup would make a GREAT addition to any home. It's suitable for those tough jobs without needing to haul your main Vacuum out. A full Vacuum is still recommended to give those deep cleans - with 20 minutes on the battery, it could really only provide a full clean for smaller apartments or condos.

If you still have questions about the Dyson Cordless Vacuums - Reach out to us! We are available during business hours at 1-855-787-7822, via email info@supervacs.ca, or use the link in the bottom right corner to either chat with one of our in-store staff online, or send us a message! 

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