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Miele S2 Contour Vs Miele S2 Dimension

January 26, 2016 3 min read

Today we'll be looking at the difference between the Miele S2 Contour Vacuum, and the Miele S2 Dimension. These models have recently undergone a name change, but the vacuums, accessories, and features remain the same.  The chart below shows the change from S2 Contour to C1 HardFloor, and S2 Dimension to C1 Cat & Dog. Additionally, as of January 2016, Miele has introduced another model in the series - the C1 TotalCare. We'll be looking at this one to see where it fits in the lineup.

So as you can see... other than a colour swap, not much has changed! But let's take a look at the models to see what is going on with each one, and maybe find the one that would be best suited for your needs.

Miele S2 Contour (Now the Miele C1 Hard Floor) - $449

As the first unit in the series, the C1 Hard Floor includes the least amount of tools. Typically when looking at Vacuums within the same series, the only difference are the provided tools and accessories. That is to say the C1 Vacuums would be the same - but with a different accessory package... and likewise for the C2, and C3 Vacuums. The Universal Floor Brush provided with this Vacuum has a nylon bristle, and is designed to do durable hard surfaces. The brush can retract into the brush to do very low pile area rugs also. For homes with softer hard wood, a natural bristle brush is recommended to protect against scratching, or damaging the floor. I also find that the best clean on carpets is achieved with a rotating brush.

Miele S2 Dimension (Now the Miele C1 Cat & Dog) - $649

For the longest time, the C1 Cat & Dog was the only other option in the C1 lineup. This Vacuum provides you with an Electrical Brush, or Power Nozzle. The Power Nozzle has a softer bristle and works great on low to medium pile carpets. Also provided with the Vacuum is a Hard Floor Brush with a soft Nylon Bristle. This makes the C1 Cat & Dog an extremely versatile vacuum, great for a larger range of surface types. 

The New C1 Total Care (Was The Miele S4212) - $499

As of January 2016, Miele has introduced the C1 Total Care to the lineup. While I had previously mentioned that the Vacuums within the same series are the same... this one is the exception. The C1 Total Care has more in common with the S4212 Series that had previously been sold at Costco. Not sure how the Vacuums stack up against each other? Take a look at the chart below to learn more.

Regular C1 Series Vs. C1 Total Care
  Regular C1 C1 Total Care
Weight: 9.5 lbs. 10.5 lbs.
Power: 1200W 1200W
Clean Reach: 26.5 ft. 29.5 ft.
Bag Capacity: 4.5L 3.5L
Tool Storage: On-Hose On-Hose
Warranty: 5 Years

5 Years

So the Vacuums are a bit different, and the provided accessories offer an in-between for the C1 Series. The Total Care includes the Universal Floor Brush as seen on the C1 Contour, but also provides the Air Turbo Brush for area rugs. My suggestion with this unit would be to look at the C2 Total Care... the Floor Brush provided is much nicer, and the C2 series is a more robust Vacuum. 

Find the Miele C2 Total Care Here - $549

As always, if you have any questions on any of the Miele Series, Models, or Accessories do not hesitate to Contact Us! Or you can watch the video below where Tyler reviews the vacuums within the C1 Series.

Happy Vacuuming,


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