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A Look at the Electrolux EL7080 UltraOne Classic - In Store Review

December 18, 2015 3 min read

The New Electrolux UltraOne Collection combines a beautiful design, intuitive features, and excellent cleaning Performance to ensure your home is always looking it's best. The first thing I noticed was the striking colour of the vacuum.  The aesthetics are great, but it was the easy to use features which won me over for this vacuum. 

It's worth noting that the Electrolux EL7080 UltraOne Classic is designed for homes which have primarily hard floors, with maybe a few area rugs. This is because the Accessories provided floor accessories include a Hard Floor Brush with Natural Bristle, a Combination Suction Tool (pictured below), and an air driven Turbo Nozzle. Unlike the Electrical Power Nozzle, the Turbo Nozzle is designed for very low carpets, and doesn't provide the same level of agitation on your carpet. 

I found the Vacuum fairly light - it had enough weight that I felt the components were well made. The specification sheet lists the weight at 12.5 lbs. which was easy enough to lift, and move around. The carry handle on the top of the vacuum is comfortable, large, and balances the weight quite nicely. From a strictly feeling perspective, the balance gave it the illusion of being no heavier than lighter Vacuums we offer here. 

Click here to visit the EL7080 UltraOne Classic Product Page

Reading about the Vacuum, you learn about their 3-in-1 tool which supposedly does dusting, upholstery, and acts as a crevice tool. I was initially skeptical about the use of such a tool - I find that in general that the more something tries to do, the less effective it is at doing those things. But the Electrolux tool surprised me. It felt excellent quality, and the crevice tool was nicely shaped to get into corners and cracks. The fit on both the handle, and at the bottom of the wands was snug and secure. It was an added bonus that it fit snugly into the body of the Vacuum (pictured below)

An increasingly common feature in vacuums is variable suction. I've noticed that more of them feel quite flimsy, like they could break any time. A simple turn of the dial on the EL7080 lets you feel the components behind it, and it feels substantial. The attention given to such a simple feature, and in fact the rest of the features reassured me of the Quality of the Vacuum. They have certainly made vast improvements over their previous collection. 

The final thing I'd like to mention is the Sealed HEPA filtration. Hepa is one of those buzzwords which should be looked at with a level of skepticism. I've seen countless Vacuums with these expensive HEPA filters, that weren't HEPA sealed... this meant that the Vacuum could leak dust into the air before it even reached the filter - you have to ask yourself, what is the point? A Sealed HEPA system ensures there is no leaks between the dust in, and the dust out - so that you don't have to find yourself Dusting, after you've just finished Vacuuming. The Synthetic Material bags offer an additional level of protection for your air quality - and so the dust stays where it belongs - in your Vacuum. 

If you have any questions related to this model, or any other models reach out to us! We are available during business hours at 1-855-787-7822, via email info@supervacs.ca, or use the link in the bottom right corner to either chat with one of our in-store staff online, or send us a message!

Click here to visit the EL7080 UltraOne Classic Product Page

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